ICDE Conference Guidelines

Published 18.08.09

ICDE holds a number of conferences every year in different world regions, working with different types of institutions and cultures.

22nd ICDE World Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 3-6 2006

Published 18.08.09

The ICDE World Conference is established as one of the leading educational events worldwide. The event aims at bringing together professionals from all over the world in order to debate and present current initiatives within the field of ICT-based education.

1.2 San Juan, Puerto Rico: 4-6 August

Published 18.08.09

ICDE has been very active in Latin America for a good number of years. Since 1998, and with the objective to promote distance education in the region, ICDE established a forum for debate and sharing of expertise coordinated by Prof. Marta Mena.

SCOP meeting in Cologne

Published 06.08.09

Report by David Sewart, ICDE Vice President (Europe), on the SCOP meeting that took place in June.

World Conference 2015
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