Regional perspectives on ODL

ICDE works closely with regional and key national open and distance learning associations, and invites such organizations to join ICDE as associate members. In a series of interviews with association presidents, they describe the most promising events in their region during 2011 and the key challenges for 2012 and beyond.

Please see the relevant link below to access the full interviews. Shorter versions of these interviews were published in ICDE's Highlights publication in January 2012.

Mansoor Al Awar, Chairman, Middle East e-Learning Association, The Middle East

"During the past decade the Arab world witnessed the establishment of several open and distance higher education institutions, and there has been more and more emphasis on creating a platform for dialogue, sharing of know-how and creating a platform for research in the field through the establishment of many regional conferences and seminars." Read the full interview here.


Niki Davis, President, Distance Education Association of New Zealand, New Zealand

"From a DEANZ perspective it would have to be the DEANZ 2016 scenario guide to tertiary education in 2016, in which ODL is fundamental. These future-focused resources are available now through the project blog at" Read the full interview here.


Morten Flate Paulsen, President, European Distance and e-Learning Network, Europe

"In 2011, we launched the first EDEN Fellows’ workshop as a promising think tank on European open and distance learning [...] Important emerging technologies pointed out by the Fellows were: social media; open educational resources and practices; mobile learning and personal learning environments." Read the full interview here.


Dr Ogidan Rotimi, Ag. Executive Director - African Council For Distance Education(ACDE), Africa

"Large number of participants at the 3rd ACDE Conference and General Assembly [...] coupled with the presentations by 14 Ministers of Education is a clear demonstration that there is hope in the effort made to provide access to education through ODL and an indication that ODL has become an acceptable mode of providing quality education in Africa." Read the full interview here.


Roderick Sims, President - Open and Distance Learning Association of Australia (ODLAA), Australia

"There is a sense that the remote or distance student is now far more mainstream than the exception – whether institutions consider themselves on-campus or not. This is in part due to the growing acceptance of computer-mediated learning as a standard for all courses." Read the full interview here.


Gordon Suddaby, President 2010-2011, Australasian Council on Open, Distance and E-Learning, Australasia

"In an ACODE workshop held at Massey University, the OERu (Open Education Resources University) initiative led by Professor Jim Taylor and Dr Wayne McIntosh gained considerable traction. It is now developing rapidly and involves a number of prestigious universities from around the world as well as UNESCO and the Commonwealth of Learning." Read the full interview here.


Svein Qvist-Eriksen, President, Norwegian Association for Distance Education, Norway

"There is increased attention to lifelong education.  [...] It is also clear that online learning solutions are in the process of becoming recognized as suitable solutions for the education of children and youth, as a supplement for both weak and strong students." Read the full interview here.

30 April 2012


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